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Our cafetière coffees


We offer a wide range of cafetière coffees (available as 1 cup, 2 cup or 4 cup), carefully chosen to provide something for every taste.  Our house coffee is a blend of Brazillian Mojiana, Ugandan, Ethipoian Djimmah and Java Semeru.

Alternatively, choose from our extensive range, listed below in order of strength; mellowest first and rated from 1 to 5.


Indian Mysore (2) - from what was known as the state of Mysore in India, but now known as Karnataka.  This is a light and refreshing coffee with spicy overtones.  Produced in this region since the mid 1600s (brew for 3-4 minutes).


Colombian (3) - traditionally, Colombia has produced some of the finest quality coffees and now accounts for more than 10% of world supply.  This is a medium roasted Medellin Excelso and has a well balanced all round flavour with a nice rich depth and sweet aroma.  This is the most popular choice (3-4 minutes).

Nicaraguan (3) - in recent years Nicaragua has been developing its gourmet coffees to great success.  A very clean, bright, crisp coffee with great body (3-4 minutes).

Organic Peruvian (3) - grown on the edge of the Amazon jungle and the Andes mountains, on small family-owned plantations.  This is a robust and extremely smooth coffee with warm notes of chocolate and vanilla (3-4 minutes).

Kenya AA (3) - the "AA" grade marks out the  largest, most well-shaped and densest coffee beans available.  It is much sought after for its bold, intense, full-bodied flavour accompanied by overtones of berry and citrus fruits (3-4 minutes).


Old Brown Java (4) - a fine example of an Indonesian aged coffee.  Matured for at least 2 years before roasting, the beans 

produce a heavy-bodied coffee with a mildy refreshing sweetness (3-4 minutes).

Indonesian Blue Sumatra (5) - the tropical climate and rich volcanic soils of Indonesia are ideal for producing this handsomely heavy, smooth coffee with its rich chocolately finish (4 minutes).

Brazilian Bourbon (5) - from plants that are direct descendents of the first coffee beans introduced to Brazil from Bourbon  

(the modern day Island of Reunion) in the 18th century.  A powerful high roast; rich and fragrant (4 minutes).



Decaffeinated (3) - the caffeine is extracted from this Colombian coffee using the Swiss Water Process (completely  avoiding

the use of chemicals).  Full flavour with sweet overtones makes this a great caffeine-free coffee (3-4 minutes).


Pure Jamaican Blue Mountain (3) - the finest coffee in the world!  This high-grown mountain coffee is grown in what are known as the Blue Mountains.  The terrain and micro-climate are ideal for growing this, the most exotic of our coffees.  Wonderful,

rich and a smooth, full, natural taste.  A complete cup of coffee (3-4 minutes).


Guest coffees - in order to broaden your choice, we also offer rare and unusual coffees (including flavoured and spiced), which will change every month or so and will be shown on the blackboards.