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We use full-fat organic milk for all our cappuccinos, caffe lattes, mochas etc. (although skimmed or semi-skimmed organic is always available) and do not make any additional charge for an extra shot of espresso or flavouring in our lattes.  Our mochas are made with real Belgian chocolate syrup.


Besides the standard espresso-based drinks, we offer more than a dozen different cafetière coffees (including pure Jamaican Blue Mountain and Kopi Luwak) as well as a choice of rare or spiced "guest coffees" that are  changed every month or so.

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All our espresso-based coffees are also available in decaffeinated form, using freshly ground beans for each drink.  Our decaffeinated beans are produced using the Swiss water-processing method to remove the caffeine (other methods use chemicals such as methtylene chloride or ethyl acetate to strip caffeine molecules from the green coffee bean).  We do not use ready-ground sachets or pods as we believe these produce an inferior cup of coffee.

For a brief explanation of the different types of espresso-based drinks available, please take a look at our coffee guide

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